Your Path to Financial Success

We offer a full suite of services  designed to help you maximize your full potential, including:

  • Financial education to learn healthy financial behaviors, with focus on your savings, credit, and reducing debt
  • Individualized coaching to provide support, encouragement, and accountability
  • Credit-building products to help achieve your financial goals
  • Benefit screening to stabilize your budget
  • Special topic workshops for different life goals

Our flexible programs are designed to fit into your life, including evening & weekend classes, Spanish-language classes, and an on-site space for activities with your kids.

We welcome everyone – regardless of background or circumstances. Come as you are and we’ll help you get where you want to go.

Average debt reduction of coaching participant after 12 months.

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Our Services

Financial Education Classes

We offer our RiSE series, a 4-week workshop that starts with setting a budget that fits your needs today, while working toward your financial goals for the future. In addition, we have 90-minute classes focused on specific financial topics such as: buying a home, building your credit, setting a savings goal, and investing your savings.

Benefits Screening

Review your monthly budget with a WiNGS team member to see what benefits and tax credits might be available to you. If needed, they connect you to resources like: food banks, electricity assistance, or medical resources.

Financial Coaching

A WiNGS Financial Coach support you on your path to financial wellness.

Schedule your one-on-one Financial Coaching session today to work through your personal goal and the small steps that will get you started.

Credit Building Products

A good credit score is important when you get ready to buy a car, rent an apartment, sign up for utilities like water and electricity, and even when you apply for a cell phone plan. Credit WiNGS is a credit-building option for those with little to no credit history or who are looking to improve their credit.

“I didn’t know how to save money. Money is scary. I didn’t want to touch it. But WiNGS helped me break it down into something that makes sense. Now, my financial coach is a big part of my life. She holds me accountable.”

– RiSE Student